UAE Cinema bans kids after 7pm

As if that blog title needs any more elaborating, yes, a huge move: UAE’s Grand Cinemas bans kids (below 5 years old) in theaters after 7pm.

Why do parents insist on bringing young children to the theater late at night? Aren’t you too familiar with that little brat kicking your seat behind you like he’s in the middle of karate class?

Why do parents think it is a good idea to bring an infant to a movie? I love babies (but you already know that) but not crying inside the movie house, please! The crying sound is more overbearing than the restless teenagers behind me, screaming and squealing and clapping every time Jacob came on the screen and took off his shirt.

A little education: infants do NOT understand the concept of movies. They might be afraid of the dark. They cannot guarantee you their diaper will still be dry after 2 hours. Most of them gets pissed when their diapers are wet. And news flash parents: medically, the loud cinema sound is not good for your little bub’s ears!

The most annoying part is when the parent will not take the crying baby out to the hallway or simply leave the theater and return in about 5 years.

So there, thank you Grand Cinemas for taking the initiative of showing clueless parents that the young ones’ appropriate place after 7pm is at home, getting ready for cozy bedtime, not inside a loud, crowded and dark place like the movie house.

Do you know of other theater companies that have kid policies or do other things to keep disruption down?

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