Addicted to mangoes

Hello, my name is Grace and I suffer from the incurable case of mango lust.

With my favorite varieties Alphonso and Badami selling very cheap at 10 dhs/kilo (US$2.7) in the supermarket just below where I work, I am on a stocking expedition daily.

I am eating one mango everyday. At least one. If overeating isn’t an issue, I say, eating 3-4 pieces is effortless. Ah, a repeat in last year’s weight gain alert!

My daughter who caught me in the kitchen with sticky hands and thick mango juice trickling at the side of my mouth asked me, “Mom, are you hungry? Is it that delicious?” because obviously, I am eating mangoes like I hadn’t eaten all day!

But can you blame me? I mean, just look at the picture!


When it’s mango season in India and Pakistan, it is also mango season in Dubai as most of our mangoes here come from those two countries!


  1. I love mangoes. There was a time when I was about to give birth, and I was craving for mangoes so much, that I ate one kg of mangoes every day (around 60-70 PHP).

    Up to the time when I did my business in the bathroom (sorry, gross) and the thing there had some mango remnants. 😛 Right then and there I kind of went easy on the mangoes. 😛 Hahaha!



    1. OMG TMI!! (too much info!) LOL
      My friend told me I need to stop overeating mangoes or else my breastmilk will turn yellow!!



      1. Haha. I know, I was a bit hesitant to share it. But it kinda shows how I love mangoes. 😛

        Is it true though, could it turn BM yellow? O.o


  2. Have you tried the Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan, I haven’t tasted anything sweeter than those, absolutely the best. The smaller ones like Chaunsa are great too. Found the best ones at Waitrose the other day but will try Pakistani Super Market in Karama now 🙂



  3. Hey Grace, i’m a mango addict too but have always struggled to find good mangos in Dubai. We have an Al Maya supermarket in my area, have tried Australia, Kenya and all were a disaster. You know when you looking forward to that bite and you get so disappointed. So i guess i should try pakistan?

    Oh and like mommy_yanna mangos were my thing during pregnancy while i was home for delivery 😦 miss them.



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