Best way to get rid of ghosts?

Thanks everyone for your concern regarding yesterday’s spooky story.  A few of you asked why only the nanny felt and heard the strange phenomena in our house. Actually, my mother who was living with us before felt it too. She was alone in the house (but in the previous apartment room, same building) while my husband and I worked and Pristine was at school (no baby at that time yet). Since most of the people living in the apartment work on week days, the building is eerily quiet. I remember my mom prodding me that we transfer, after only a few months  giving so many reasons other than she is creeped out. She never told me about the strange things.

We did move out but only after my mom went back to the Philippines last January. Our new apartment is in the same building but different floor. It’s when my brother told me via email that mom told him:

“I hope the unseen entity in the old apartment didn’t follow them.”

Whoa, where did THAT come from!? Now, I don’t want to entertain such comments. Otherwise I won’t be able to sleep well at night and with a new baby already keeping me awake that time, I have no time for ghosts!

I trust our nanny who told me she feels something strange. I can’t afford to lose her because of this since she is a very good baby carer and I owe my sanity to her as she does house work too so I could spend time with the baby after work. I won’t allow any ghost to boot her out!

I’ve learned that this kind of stories are not unusual in Dubai and one lady said it happened to her to and she was asked to ‘acknowledge it‘ loudly so it will not bother them again. Seriously?! How do you acknowledge these matters? Is blogging about ‘it’ enough??

Ghost in my house, if you are reading this, find another place please? I warn you, we have a baby boy who one of these days, will grow up to be really loud. In fact, he is starting to baby talk in big little booming boy voice. He will run around, squeal, scream and talk more. Loudly, noisily, screechingly. You wouldn’t like to stay in our house, trust me. Please move on to the Light.


  1. I know it may be silly and you may feel silly doing it, but when you’re alone, talk to the house and let the entity know it’s not welcome and you would like it to move on.

    If it’s friendly it’ll acknowledge your request and leave. Or so all those ghost hunting shows have informed me. Lol



  2. When we were in Dubai, my mom used to leave our radio blasting day and night. She keeps on telling me she just likes the noise, and I believed that as a kid. Until I learned that spirits doesn’t like noisy areas. We continued the practice until now that we’re in our house in the Philippines.

    She would leave the radio on at the back of our house(their room) because thats where I could see moving shadows and hear “the sound of walking on a wet surface wearing flip flops” at 1am. That is also where my then 2-year old sister would stare, smile, and even wave at nothingness. As if someone was there playing with her.

    My cousins wouldn’t visit because the stuffed toys on the shelf fell on them as they passed by, but there were no earthquakes or winds. The faucet would also randomly turn on, doors close on its own, and the dog would bark at a dark corner for hours without a break. Our budgies would also freak out at certain times at night.

    But they all eventually stopped… so good luck 😀 Maybe your place is too quiet that they think it’d be a nice place to hang around in.



    1. Indeed, our apartment is too quiet. That has changed now though as our nanny is blasting the radio too until I come home from work!

      A few nights ago, our baby boy (8 months) was staring at the empty chair facing the computer and ‘talking’ to it. It took about 30 minutes. Benjamin was so focused on the chair (or what seemed to be sitting on the chair, invisible). He was smiling, talking, cooing – as if someone is playing with him.



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