What if you feel something strange in your house?


Our baby’s nanny who is with us to take care of the baby during the day insists that there’s something strange going on in our apartment.

First she told me she was startled when the refrigerator ‘shook’ without any reason at all.  For a while there I thought of an earthquake but hey, we’re not in Japan but in Dubai. I said it just might be the motor and shrugged off the issue.

Next was just about a couple of weeks ago. She sat the baby in a stroller (we keep a separate small stroller inside the house) and left him in the corridor outside the washroom because she needed to pee. While inside the washroom, she heard footsteps and thought I came home early. When she came out, there was no one there and baby Ben, apparently, also heard the footsteps too because he turned his head and looked towards the door and expected someone would appear!

No one appeared. I told our nanny that it must be footsteps from outside but she swears the sound is from inside the house!

I honestly do not like to entertain ghost stories, especially in my house! Not in my house, please!

This morning, I received a text from her:

There’s really someone else in the house we can’t see. He/she played a joke on me!


There’s a reason I ban my husband from watching Japanese freaky horror movies! I am a scaredy cat and for someone waking up at night because of the baby, this is the last thing I want to hear!

She claims she was feeding the baby lunch and baby Ben was letting out a small cry every time when the spoon don’t come fast (I know, we have a baby with BIG appetite!). After a while when the baby calmed down, she heard the same cry in the corridor. She thought my daughter Pristine, who’s at home right now for summer break, made that mimic cry as prank. She waited, came out and saw no one in the corridor. Pristine was napping in the other room. Sound asleep.

Our building is not new and God know who lived before it or what happened in the past before we moved in. It’s been paid for until the end of January so we are in no position to move out that easy.

What would you do if you hear spooky things? Do you believe it? Or ignore it?


  1. I think your nanny has a very active imagination. I mean, how come no one else noticed anything before? Your mom used to stay with you for sometime and did not report any such incidents, right?



  2. I will admit, I’m a firm believer in the spirit world and other realm. I’ve actually been on a few paranormal investigations myself! That being said, there are certain things that some people tend to freak out over that have very plausible explanations.

    Can I say whether she’s overreacting or not, no I can’t; I’m not in her position. Regardless of whether it’s otherworldly or not, something IS bothering her and I think that’s what you guys should get to the bottom of, paranormal or otherwise.

    Do you have high electromagnetic frequencies nearby? An electrical control box, power lines, etc? Those types of things can cause high anxiety levels and cause people to feel creeped out.



    1. Thanks for the info about power lines, etc. I’ll try to find if there’s something like that nearby. I wish there is so I can blame it on that!



  3. Ok… first anything is possible. We can deny anything we want but the earth used to be flat and people were writing about going to space and many of today’s technology before we had them.

    Second… don’t let your mind get the best of you until you experience something “weird” yourself. Third… if you trust this woman do not discount what she is saying — there could always be some other explanation but trust is trust. If you don’t trust her and what she is saying then you should probably replace her as a caregiver.

    On “something strange”. We live in a 60 year old house which had one other owner. One died (in hospital) and the other downsized by selling us the home (she was elderly). She was a very nice woman who would visit every few years just to see if we did anything.

    Occasionally there are smells in our home that cannot be accounted for (we keep it shut up pretty tight). One is a very earthy men’s cologne and the other is a very sweet floral scent. My husband and I will be sitting in the living room in the evening and one of these scents travels through the room then quickly disappears. It is very strong then it gone.

    We both smelt it for a while before actually talking about it. We decided it was the previous owners still visiting. Now when we smell it we make an off-handed joke. Occasionally we will hear noises, things will fall in other rooms, and the younger cat will stare with a terrified look on his face up the stairs (I never look) for long periods of time — (after thought while rereading this — if he started hissing I’d probably move out).

    I watch horror movies with zombies, vampires, and werewolves with much enjoyment and may occasionally dream about zombies but I don’t wake up feeling like I have had a nightmare. But stories with ghosts (especially scary ones) send me off kilter for weeks afterward. I have had some bad dreams in my time but the worst nightmares are the ones that have dealt with premonitions — I’ll wake up terrified with the sense that something not friendly was in my room. Sometimes I blame it on my active imagination but other times it just hangs over me for a few weeks.

    In my opinion, IF ghosts are real and living in your home I think you would notice them before she would. IF ghosts are real and she is only experiencing it then it is probably one that is following her around. IF ghosts are real then I don’t think there is any place we could move and not come in contact with them. IF ghosts are not real at least you have a really good story for the next party you have (no seances please).

    My fifty cents anyway. But still hard not to be creeped out about it.



    1. Thank you so much for this. I’m starting to think that whatever it is in my house, it is following the nanny around. She told me when she was in the Philippines, she experienced a paranormal activity wherein her bed was shaking despite there was no earthquake whatsoever.

      I told her to acknowledge whoever is following her and say out loud to stop.

      Interesting thing happened after she said it loud: when she woke up the next morning she complained of pain in her buttocks like it had been slapped. Like she hit it somewhere and the pain was like it was bruised.

      Now, she is just staying at home and can’t remember if she hit anything whatsoever!



  4. Your nanny is clearly imagining this. You need to stop her before she puts strange ideas into your kids heads and they start spewing this nonsense. We live in the 21st century not some backward time. Tell her to stop or you’ll sack her. Watch how quickly the ghost disappears. Why are you even entertaining her ideas? You seem smart and educated. Use your head a bit. What do you know about this nanny anyway? Clearly she is not right in the head. I’d be looking for a replacement. There’s no way I’d let her be alone with my kid. What if she harms him and blames it on the ghost?



  5. We can’t ignore that possiblity. Some people are more keen than others. In my family it’s my brother who usually felt them. I tried not to think of them cause I’m alone most of the time and sa kadaghan sa akong anting-anting og habak,syaro di sila mahadlok 🙂

    My mother always put gloves of garlic hanging on our doorway, maybe you can try putting some and see what happens. After all there is no harm in trying d ba 🙂



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