2012 school year ends

I know I’ve been posting photos of baby Ben like he’s the only child. Fact is, I have another child, my precocious Pristine. She just finished Year 3 in school with flying colors. She received all excellent marks on all subjects! Well done, Pristine!

I don’t know how that happened though, since I’ve not been really actively assisting her with school work. With the arrival of the new baby last October, there had been days when I wish I could spend more time with her to sit down with her homework instead of being stuck in the other room with the baby attached to my body.

Anyway, we wanted to treat her for a job well done. Last year she her request was simple so we kind of expected that’ll change this year. It didn’t. She still wanted lunch. This time, at IKEA. Swedish meat balls, people! I am confused whether to be worried she doesn’t know what celebratory posh food is!


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