Benjamin is 8 months

Today, I thought about what happened the past 12 months: I was 24 weeks pregnant and just found out I’m carrying a boy. A boy. It took a while for that fact to sink in. Just when I’m doing well with having a girl child, how am I going to handle a boy, with all the horror stories I hear (or the wild boys I see)? In case you didn’t know – baby boys are known to climb on walls and probably hang off from the chandeliers!

A year later, here were are – having that typical very active boy. He has not climbed on walls yet (but showing a lot of potential) so I am lingering on each moment I can still hold all of him in my arms. Having a boy is a whole new ball game and it’s fun.

Benjamin’s milestones:

  • Eating solids 3 times a day now. Loves all fruits and veggies. I have this mix of broccoli, celery and spinach puree that I call Shrek food because of the color and even that, he loves. Favorite fruit so far is apple and orange.
  • Smiles a lot and blurts out words that are music to our ears: mama and papa!
  • Very difficult to put diaper now as he has become very mobile. We have switched to pants-type diapers instead of tape ones most of the time when he’s awake.
  • Very curious about things around him, constantly reaching out, grabbing and putting it into his mouth!
  • Has grown two baby teeth!

Update on his baby eczema – while the skin rash has faded after medication, I’m sad to report that it has come back again. We are desperately trying to keep it in control by doing what the doctor advised. I just hope we’ll see the end of this. I feel so restless just seeing him becoming restless with the itch!

As for me – I’m still breastfeeding at 8 months! Sure he eats 3 times a day now but weaning off the breast is obviously the last thing on his mind when we’re together!

And as for my back-to-the-fitness-wagon journey – I’ve changed my workout time from lunch break to morning after waking up or afternoon after work. I don’t know what it is with me doing exercises that makes Benjaboo squeal with delight, along with attempts to run over my toes and hands with his walker!


  1. Congrats to baby benja for the milestones! 🙂

    (grace, dako na imong progress sa post baby weight? ako wa giyod oi- nabalaka nako kay according to you, i can’t die because i’m a mother! ga start nako trim down sa food (ahem! hehehe).. and i’ll do the exercise na)



  2. Hi ms. Grace, nagsesearch ako about baby eczema then i found your blogged, how’s benjamin now? Gumaling na ung eczema nya? Yung baby ko na si hans miguel naging severe un eczema nya sa face at he’s 9 months now.. i sent you this mail to seek your help how to combat this battle????????



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