Baby eczema 5 days later

Just thought I’d give an update on Benjaboo’s rashes on the face. From upper left going to the right, the day we went to the doctor on 6th June when the rash is very red, scaly and raw, the day after on 7th and on Friday the 8th. Just two days after doing the prescribed treatment plan and taking the meds, his skin has showed a lot of improvement.

From lower left, Saturday 9th June, Sunday and then the lower right, taken this morning, Monday 11th June. It is not scaly, dry or moist anymore, just a patch of faint red.

For those curious what the doctor prescribed, it’s Cutivate Cream and oral antibiotic named Augmentin Suspension. The skin care treatment plan:

  • Long baths in tepid water
  • No scented soaps – we use Cetaphil
  • Cotton clothes, towels
  • Biodegradable detergent – also, we don’t hang his clothes to dry outside on windy days. We live in the desert, remember?
  • A tablespoon of olive oil added to the water at the end of the bath then rub oily water all over
  • Lipobase moisturizing lotion morning and night

Finally, we’re seeing the light at the end of this tunnel! Soon we can go out without strangers coming up to us and asking, “What’s wrong with his cheeks?” or that random stranger who was teary eyed telling me, “Bring him to the hospital, please!”


  1. bless Benjaboo!

    Must have been a worrying time.

    The tips the doctor gave were good. As you’re still breastfeeding it’s definitely important to keep a food diary as you did. What you are not allergic too may trigger allergies in Ben *IF* his eczema is dietary linked.

    Eczema is weird (i am a sufferer – i had it all over my face for a year when my son was a baby…) and my eczema is caused/aggravated by dust, certain breeds of cat, some varieties of grass/hay and raw prawn shell. I can’t peel potatoes/tubers without wearing gloves or I’ll scratch my hands off.

    My dietary/living tips at that time (all gone now!):

    * use non-biological detergents (Geant do a good french soap one if you can’t find Ecover). Better still – soapnuts from any organic store. Soapnuts are natural – you need a handful of nuts in a pouch (provided). you can also rub the soapnut directly onto clothes to remove light stains before washing. soapnuts won’t bleach out your clothes so you do need to get used to the look of your soapnutted clothes.
    * machine wash cuddly toys/blankies regularly to get rid of build up of dust/dust mites. The ironic thing is: my kids have beautiful skin and NO eczema but because i was touching their dust-traps…er i mean: teddies i had to do this!
    * incase of severe eczema or bout of infection put kids toys into the freezer to kill off dustmites
    * no cooking using aluminium cookware (don’t know why… i was just told this)
    * no coffee/tea/orange juice/tomato juice
    * no spicy food until eczema is under control (this was especially hard as i love chillies but this was not the main culprit…i had a sneaky curry and was back to square one – weepy and cracked eczema around my eyes)
    * limit red meats or cut out if you can until eczema clears up (refrain whilst breastfeeding?)
    * no crusts/baked goods as this creates internal body heat (no pizza, croissants, crusts on loaves of bread)
    * limit fried foods – this was the case for me as a child
    * no alcohol
    * no citrus fruitss/juices
    * no refined carbohydrates (sayonara cookies!)

    I was also recommended Aveeno which is a non-colloidal cereal/oat based range of treatments from Johnsons & Johnsons. I raised an eyebrow when the doctor prescribed this but it really did help to soothe my terribly infected eczema and i still use it to this day to moisturise my eczema when it’s particularly rough.

    The doctor also recommended adding a spoonful of porridge oats into a clean popsock and patting the affected areas – this really helped to bring down the redness and afterbath dryness.

    Most recently I have discovered the ‘All In One Family Treatment Cream’ from Human+Kind. It really helped to take the edge off the itch/scratch cycle allowing my skin to heal. After years of on/off steroid treatment, scratching the skin off; the skin on my hands are quite thin and prone to itching and cracking. i carry it in my handbag and just the smell (i love tea tree oil!) alone is soothing. Tea Tree oil has natural antibacterial properties so hopefully i won’t pick up infections through my thin skin. Human+Kind is new to Dubai and you can find it in certain Boots pharmacies as well as online at Glambox.

    I have used many, many topical treatments in my time – some homeopathic, some essential oils (pharmacy recommended or through homeopaths ($$$$$) and none seemed to help as much as they claimed to.

    Happy to pass you a tube of Aveeno if you want to try before you buy.

    Good luck!!!



  2. Hello, my DD had this and I discovered it was an allergy to the rubber in things like teething rings, rubber ducks, rubber toys that she would chew… Anyway, glad he is getting better xox



  3. How is your baby?. My baby had very worst eczema problem (we live in Kuwait). I started using RO water for giving bath, cleaning her etc… and used cetaphil cleanser as soap for cleaning and cetaphil cream as a lotion. We are also using skin cap once in a day – a very little on the affected area. My baby got clear within a week and all the marks disappeared in a month. So, try this. Please write to me also.. Take care.



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