The baby eczema nightmare

It started out as a small speck of a rash.

It slowly progressed, the rash on the left cheek getting bigger and bigger and eventually transferring to the other cheek.

In about a month, baby Ben’s skin condition worsened despite two trips to the dermatologist and to a pediatrician who prescribed him steroid creams and oral anti-histamine.

I’ve been on my wits end trying to think what could be the cause – food allergy? Clothing? House dust? Was it due to something I’ve eaten (because I am breastfeeding)? To rule out food allergy, I’m keeping a food journal to record everything he ate and his reactions to it. We’re keeping his food simple and natural: just fruits and vegetables. No gluten, nothing bought. Allergic reaction so far only to pears and dairy. Too bad he really loved yogurt! But this is really expected since big sister Pristine was also allergic to dairy (and eggs) when she was small. For his clothes, we are using biodegradable laundry soap and clean the house with vacuum cleaner and wet and dry mop EVERYDAY to rule out the house dust factor. We do not have pets or carpets.

A few days ago, the rash developed into a hideous “weeping eczema”, oozing clear fluid that made me panic. It was raw, bloody(because he tends to scratch it at night) and really looks painful. It’s so heartbreaking to see him like that – whatever happened to the promise of the smoothest skin ever for babies?

A fellow mom from Dubai recommended a pediatrician and allergist Dr. Michael Loubser who she thinks could help with our nightmare. The problem is – the lovely doctor has a really good reputation hence, having so many patients and could not take new patients in. What’s a desperate mom going to do?

I emailed the doctor, begging him to take my son in. We got an appointment but the soonest would be on 2nd of July. That’s nearly a month from  now!! What will become of our precious baby’s face then? I called and asked again describing baby Ben’s condition. They promised to put us in priority in case someone cancels. I prayed hard.

My prayers had been answered. The following day, the clinic called telling us we can see the doctor first thing in the morning the next day, thankfully, my husband’s day off.

Baby Ben looked like this the morning we drove him to the doctor.

The rash wasn’t wet or weeping anymore but it’s still red, itchy, dry, scaly and very uncomfortable for him. The doctor examined him thoroughly, gave us a treatment plan for eczema and new meds. Apparently, his eczema got infected and needed antibiotics. He also needs a lot of moisturizers and a bit of olive oil mixed in the water at the end of his bath.

He has only been in the new medication for a day but we’re seeing a huge positive result! I’ll post a photo of his recovery, hopefully he’ll be back to having that famed flawless baby’s skin in no time!

29 thoughts on “The baby eczema nightmare

    • Thanks, MB. We are indeed finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel as his skin has recovered really well! How’s your little Savannah?


    • Thanks. Yes he is cute as a button so we named him Benjamin – for Benjamin Button. Eeeek, corny joke!

      Anyway, thanks. It’s clearing up as I write this email.


      • Hiiii. Hope you are good. Can you tell me which treatment she gave as my daughter has the same problem. She is 3 months old


  1. Poor little fella. Hope its improving now.
    My daughter and I both have psorisis (me IN my ears, her on her eyelids!) and I can’t recommend Scalp Cream from highly enough.
    It is great for moisturising and easing itching and best of all its 100% natural. Recommended for any itchy skin conditions.
    Hope this helps – its all my opinion, I’ve no connection with the company.


    • It sure looks painful but he is not crying because of it. It’s just really itchy especially when he’s sleeping at night. But I am happy to report that there has been a huge improvement since. I will post photos again.


  2. I have that! It is painful but the pain kind of relieves the itch. Derma told me it’s stress eczema (????) and gave me some creams. Never did work but the eczema comes and goes. I am now using baby bath products but I really need to go back to the doctor but really have no time. 😦 need to get one of those steroid creams.


  3. Wishing this bundle of joy to feel better soon! I have eczema and can’t imagine a child with it. Lots of hugs to baby and mom


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  5. It could be heat? I’ve had really bad rashes as my skin is used to the tropics. I need to use a mild burn cream called bepanthen.

    but im no doctor or pharmacist! so please dont take this for granted! i just hope the poor darling gets better soon!


    • Yeah, one of the reasons is change in temperature and the heat. We don’t take him out too much in this weather although he’s really excited whenever we go out!


  6. SO sorry to hear/see this! Two of my babies suffered from eczema and I can understand the frustration!! I wish for a quick healing of this outbreak, and in my experience, the outbreak *will* subside, but you will likely have to be vigilant in the future with the skin care. ~blessings, Jen


  7. Hi, hope you baby is fine.. I am writing to you to tell me what kind of antibiotics did the doctor disc ripe to you baby is suffering too with the same condition could you please tell me which hospital you went, please.? It has been two years now I hope you can able to answer me thank you very much


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