Grocery shopping in Dubai: What’s it Like?

When you go grocery shopping in Dubai, prepare to get dirty. Not the ‘dirty’ that you think…it’s literal. You get your hands dirty and sometimes stinky. At least compared to where we previously lived (Japan), grocery shopping in Dubai is a whole new experience.

In Japan…(I hope you don’t hate every time I start my sentences with “in Japan…”) most if not all fruits and vegetables are properly washed and packed. In fact, it’s so proper that it reflects in the price.  Here in Dubai, while there are pre-packed fruits and veggies, most are not – they are stacked and grocers pick how much they like and have the goods weighted and priced.

Onions, sweet potatoes and other yams can get your hands look black and the vegetables grown here are as expected, sandy.

Nevertheless the fruits and vegetables here are aplenty despite the region where we belong. They come from all corners of the world and still come cheaper than in Japan. Grocery stores that give most bang in the buck with food shopping are Lulu’s Hypermarket and Union Cooperative.

When I went to shop last Friday, I saw something interesting…

With the number of British expats living and visiting Dubai and with the British queen celebrating 60 years in the monarchy, there are several events here to commemorate the event. At the grocery store where we frequent, they have a dedicated section for British products from vegetables to frozen food.

This is not a comprehensive post about grocery shopping in Dubai and sorry I couldn’t write more than I like to. Have to rush to get the cranky bebe!


  1. Nice hearing bout your experience.. That’s quite nice to hear, I want to go to dubai, maybe this year… I wanna see burj khalifa and ofcourse I wanna try this thing that you’ve done! Shopppppiiiiiinggg…..hehe, Thanks for posting! 🙂



  2. I’m always so fascinated with other places outside the US even if it just means taking a trip to the local store! That’s really neat that they are celebrating the Queen by integrating British products in to their stores 🙂



  3. I love to visit Dubai and I am sure I will enjoy visiting the place seems the place is a good destination to have a shopping. I am looking forward to visit this place. It is my first time in Dubai so I hope I can get the best time in Dubai.



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