Benjamin is 7 months

Look at our baby boy, already 7 months! Benjamin is starting to show that he’s the family’s little boss by voicing out a lot of his feelings. Sometimes, it’s not the cute baby babble that his older sister Pristine did before – he has a big booming voice! He is every inch a boy!

Benjamin’s milestones:

  • while appetite is on the upstick and I expected he’ll love snacking (like I do…ooops) but no, he doesn’t like baby biscuits!
  • ditched the Jumperoo and embraces the walker! Our little boy is starting to get mobile, beware!
  • laughs a lot
  • MOVES a lot. I have removed my earrings or any piece of jewelry.
  • Let’s just say, if you’re carrying him, don’t wear sheer silk material or else you’ll look like someone being caught in a tornado

As for me – I am still breastfeeding. My initial goal is to breastfeed exclusively from birth to six months but I’m happy that I am able to extend it longer. Pristine was breastfed until she turned 2 years old so I would like to do the same with Benja. But the thing is, honestly, I don’t know if we can make it that far. My milk supply is so different now than before. Is it the age factor? (I was 27 when I had Pristine and now, I am 35). We are just ‘getting by’ in terms of breastfeeding during the work week.

And always in panic after my day off (Friday) because I do not have any extra milk to store for the next day when I go to work again. When Benja is with me, he consumes it all, not leaving any room for storage.

On week days, I express milk during daytime and it’s a bit of a struggle because the ‘secret room’ I use has no window nor aircondition. I spend 15-20 minutes expressing milk and come out all sweating and tired people wonder what I was doing there inside!

It’s getting so hot in Dubai right now but I have to go home during my lunch break to deliver the expressed milk so Benja has something to drink in the afternoon. My car, parked outside, basking in the hot, hot sun is a moving sauna room. Sigh. If only I can leave my boobies at home or ask them to drive back home so I wouldn’t need to.

Why all this charade, you ask. Don’t this lady know anything about formula milk?

Oh yes, I do and have bought several brands for the baby to try out. The baby has only one verdict: YUCK. Then he spits it out.


  1. Hey, I’m with baby B. I know a good, organic and natural things when I taste them! I mean how can he switch to formula when he’s had the holy grail of milk!? Lol

    I can’t believe he’s getting so BIG! It sounds like his personality is growing as he is, too 🙂



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