Annual leave is great if it’s your own

One of the best things about working in Dubai, if you ask me is the annual leave (free trip home, baby!). Companies give employees 30 days of paid leave every year* + airplane tickets to their home country. Wonderful, isn’t it?

While an expat in Japan, I didn’t have that luxury (as expats in most countries). There are some days of paid vacation yes, but it’s so awkward to submit a leave application form like it’s a crime because every one is so work centered (almost robotic…). Needless to say, I only got 9 days of leave days for my wedding 9 years ago and that included Saturday and Sunday!

Oh well, my point is that, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my 30 days of bliss, no alarm clock days every year since I came to work in Dubai in 2007. I love “the annual leave culture” except when…

…a work colleague goes back to his home country for his own annual leave and leave his work load to me!

Oh well, every time I moan I feel the dagger looks around silently saying: “We covered for you for three months when you went and had a baby, remember?”

Oh hai, yes, you all did. And I bury myself in paperwork till the “annual leav-er” comes back!

* Most companies give annual leave every year, but some only every 18 months or 2 years but still with free return tickets to home country.

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  1. Well if that is the case then it’s definitely is a good thing and people should be working more in Dubai due to these benefits.



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