The buzz with UAE dress code

The UAE dress code debate has resurfaced again – how short is short?

It’s liberating enough that even the UAE is a Muslim country, it’s not like Saudi Arabia or Iran – women are NOT required to wear a black robe to cover up yet so many people push the boundaries here. There are too many women wearing skimpy shorts and tiny tank tops in public as if walking advertisers of the cliche: “if you got it, flaunt it!”

One lady inside the mall was quoted saying,

I guess it is just too hot for me here, and these clothes are very comfortable for this weather.

I get how hot it must be to walk outside but it’s COLD inside the malls! How hard is it to just wear decent clothes? And as if these ladies are walking for miles to get to the malls. They travel by air-conditioned cars. Sorry but the weather is only a great excuse used by many. When it is winter time and it’s not hot at all outside, they still wear the same type of clothes.

Would it hurt to wear a normal shirt and jeans? or capris? or whatever more decent type of clothing that don’t expose too much skin?

The UAE and Dubai in particular is very liberal as compared to other Muslim countries in the region. As an expat, I think it should not be taken advantage of!

And let’s not get started on the things we see at the beach here…it’s good enough that bikinis are allowed and then some women go as far as wearing a thong bikini.

6 thoughts on “The buzz with UAE dress code

  1. Yes, the weather in Dubai is hot but that doesn’t mean people should wear tiny fabric of clothes. It’s better to respect the culture. I wore capris and polo shirt when I was in Dubai. And I felt bad already.


  2. I’m really not sure what to contribute to this conversation because I understand different cultures and countries have their own ethics and rules-Here in the US, as long as you’re not naked, things are fine, however it’s still insane what some girls will go out in public wearing!

    It’s almost LIKE they are wearing nothing o.O


  3. We must follow the culture of UAE because every country has their own rules and regulations and we must need to follow them as a respect of their law. UAE has it own dress code so as a visitor on the place we must hereby follow the rule.


  4. Yes, the atmosphere is very hot of course the percentage varies from state to state or from place to place
    But do not forget the UAE all means of transportation, especially automotive windshields Millb be increased by almost 50 percent
    There are air conditioners in cars, homes, businesses and all places
    Everyone can certainly Altaqlb with its environment and its climate

    Topic is very beautiful and thank you


  5. I am going to lay devil advocate here. Having been to the UAE for work, not being the lucky one’s to drive ( I walked and took public transport), and being from the USA, where fashion knows no boundaries. I see it in a two part fold. Emirates make up for only 13% of the population, the rest are expats many from Westernized countries like the UK, USA, or AUS. You asking those who largely contribute and actually keep the country running to conform, which is isn’t how places like Dubai promoted itself. With that said, I believe in respecting a countries values and although completely covering up isn’t my cup of tea. My dress is prob quite hipster esq. (if anyone knows what the means). But I also know I am too old for booty shorts no matter how old I am. I think when you put major restraints on outsiders who run the country (whether w like to admit it or not), problems ensue. Can anyone suggest a middle ground? As I think this is a interesting and relevant topic. 🙂


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