Review: The Kokopax Classic Carrier

I don’t know how many of your remember but there was a Kokopax Baby Carrier giveaway in my blog last year sponsored by Kokopax – an award winning baby carrier company in the US. To my delight, they gave me a Kokopax Classic to review before I gave birth. I was so excited but had to wait. Now that our Benjaboo is six months, it was time to take the Kokopax to try it out.

To be honest, clunky was my first impression. I stopped, I hesitated. Then I put baby in and tried and felt so glad I did it! Our baby loved it as he has a better view of what mom is up to. I like that it’s very to put him in and take him out and thanks to the kickstand, it makes loading and unloading easier.

Here’s what we loved about the Kokopax:

  • It’s very stylish, and ergonomically designed for both parent and baby.
  • Good view of the world for little one
  • The shoulder straps are well-padded and comfortable
  • Easy in and out– not a million straps and buckles, as with other carriers
  • Has a back pad that supports your back & serves as support for baby’s feet
  • It can go places that strollers can’t do well, such as sandy pits! (very Dubai)
  • The carrier is well built, durable and surprisingly, light (only 3lbs)!

We’ve made heads turn here in Dubai because there’s nothing like it here yet – at least not that I have seen!

* the kickstand can be folded away, not ajar, like in the photo above *

My only little complain is that the harness is a little tough to fasten and unfasten since it is located deep into the carrier, in front of baby’s belly. I assume if one has big hands, it will get in the way with the baby’s belly. (And sometimes the baby doesn’t like it…)

All in all, we’re happy with this baby carrier. We use it outside and inside our home – when I need to do something but want to keep the baby near me, safely.

Do you have a favorite baby carrier? What is it?


  1. LOVE that picture of you and him!!! So cute!
    I love my ERGO carrier, but this might be nice for when they’re a little bigger and want to see everything and also when it’s hot so they aren’t right up against your body! 🙂



  2. For Big K we used something like this instead of a carrier. But it was because we would go on long walks/hikes in the mountain with him strapped to us. Was soo comfortable, you forget the baby is there.



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