Dubai’s bucketful of weird

Well, I’ve not been out of the house for long distance trips since the pregnancy last year and now with a small baby. Not counting the sponsored trip to Thailand last February 2011 (it was a pleasure trip but not 100% since it was ‘work’), I have not had a proper vacation to Japan for 3 years now and to the Philippines for 4 years.

So until that big trip soon I hope, these are just a few things I found around town…

I wonder what is ‘instant’ about this – the haircut speed? “Haircut in 5 minutes!” or the fact that you might be an instant boy band looks if you choose to have your hair cut here. Who knows?


Moo…! Oh no…meeeehhh!

You thought human babies only consume milk from cows. Now, apparently, from goats too. For real? Goat milk baby formula?

Speaking of weird food…

Ketchup popcorn for the adventurous. I don’t know about you but I’ll stick to caramel, thanks.

To cosmetics…

You’d think an international brand like L’oreal would know better, you know, slang language. Why the hell this hair cream is named Urban Shag? Curious minds want to know!

And the weird award goes to…it’s a tie (same category) actually. First, a soap claiming to be ‘herbal’, skin whitening and anti-aging.

Given that I have just given birth a few months ago, the placenta I know is of the gross category so I do not dare see the ingredient list of this soap!

Last but not the least (shocking):

(image reduced in size to be more ‘discreet’ heh)

The soap promises results like tightening the walls down there. Enough said!


Have you seen anything weird in your neighborhood lately?


  1. My brother was born prematurely and was so small, and so weak they fed him with a preemie bottle. He rejected breast milk, was allergic to formulas, and so he had goats milk. Of course that was 62 years ago.



    1. This is so new to me! I wonder how goat’s milk formula taste like? Normal infant formulas tastes awful, what about goat’s milk!?

      Thanks for sharing, Maribeth!



  2. Goat’s milk is common here. It’s well advertised and well received as alternative to cow’s milk. There are a lot of specialty (expensive) ice cream and other milk products made from goat’s milk. And I did hear about a few moms who choose to give goat’s milk to their babies.

    The virginity soap … that is something! I don’t think it works though! LOL



    1. Goat’s milk for adults – I have tried but first time heard of formula! The virginity soap is just too ridiculous, no? I can’t stop laughing when I read the box!!



  3. Oh my…..I gotta say, that soap is tempting. LOL

    I have drank goat’s milk myself as an adult, but I can’t imagine using it for babies, or in formula.

    Thanks for the twitter follow today!



  4. Don’t you just love when you stumble upon something that just makes you scratch your head, or better laugh hysterically!? Sometimes you just need a good giggle and the universe provides it when needed 🙂

    I do love my raw goat’s milk, so I can see goat milk baby formula for someone who thought of it.



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