No nudity in gym changing rooms

So I was back to my usual routine at the gym (toned down intensity, however) last week. It feels good to be back and I feel a surge of energy…right after the grueling muscle pain that lasted for days, of course. Not much has changed except that the weights have increased in number but it’s such a joke that the weight lower than 5 kilos is 750 grams dumbbell. What can you do with a 750 grams DB!? And I can’t believe so many ladies use it.

Anyway, the other change is in the changing room. I heard from a colleague who continued going to the gym when I stopped during my pregnancy/childbirth that there had been an increase of Russian women coming in for a swim or working out in the gym AND then walking around without nothing on inside the sauna and changing rooms like it’s nobody’s business.

(but of course this is Dubai, nudity is everybody’s business…)

It’s hot in Dubai right now and it’s no denying that some nationalities like it ‘al fresco’ in the changing rooms but since this is a Muslim country, nudity is not permitted in public areas like this. There’s a big sign in English not to be naked but alas…it was not enough. The gym manager apparently received a lot of complaints from other gym members of the naughty kinky ladies so the next day, we saw this:

I don’t speak or read Russian but if you do, do tell me what it says! I have a strong feeling it involves saying, “No butt cheeks exposed, please.” or something like that.



  1. A lifetime of living with social taboos tells you to look away. How does one talk to, much less paint, a naked person? The following steps will help you.



  2. Wow, I guess Dubai is really conservative about nudity in gyms. Did you personally experience an instance where you see a nude person in public? By the way thank you very much for sharing this information. Your blog is really interesting and fun.



  3. It says: “Attention! Please do not appear in public places without clothes!” It’s pretty interesting what some cultures think is appropriate and other’s think is completely not! I’m with Dubai on this one though 🙂



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