Mourning at work

Chaos ensued at my work place last Thursday. Just before lunch break, someone let out a huge wail. A male in the same floor as I am, but some seats away from me cried loudly. It was a cry of despair, of sadness, of shock.

Someone died.

Apparently, a few minutes earlier, one of our co-workers collapsed while working. Ambulance was called but he was declared dead on arrival at the hospital and that co-worker who cried received a call that his friend was gone. Life – ended just like that.

The whole office was stunned. Everyone shook their heads. Why?

Was it just this morning that we bumped into our late colleague as we rushed for card time-in? He is not even 40 and now he’s dead. What kind of grief will his wife and children face waiting back in India as he was scheduled to fly back home for vacation later that day?

The vibrant atmosphere of the last day of the work week suddenly turned grim. All of us suddenly thought of our own lives as well, how fragile, how unpredictable.

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