Benjamin is 6 months

Our cheeky baby is six months old today. Half a year old, wow! Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was wrapped like a burrito and he fit into my arms without dangling hands and feet? It feels like a long long time ago!

Benjamin’s milestones:

  • Ate his first solid food a few days shy of his sixth month birthday!
  • Blurting out his first words: baba, papa and mama!! I swear I am not imagining things!
  • Has developed extreme interest in biting/licking everything, including his toes (oh my)

As for me – I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since that traumatic c-section surgery. I try to forget about it but sure the occasional twitching pain around the stitch is reminding me it was real. But enough about that, I’ll try to celebrate how it brought us one of our great joys, our son.

Despite the occasional sleepless nights, I enjoyed the last six months and looking forward to the exciting things that are yet to come (including the fact that now that he has eaten solid food like a proper human being, I am unable to breathe during diaper changes)!


  1. Time really does go by quickly. So much still to look forward to like his first steps. Enjoy it all! Happy 6 month birthday to Baby B.



  2. Hi Grace
    He is so adorable.. Your kids are beautiful.. Enjoy your precious blessings (daughter too) which I know you do!



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