Judged by a drink

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been swamped with work lately (not new) that when I raise my head above from the bunch of paperwork, it’s already time to go home then I sigh: another day without writing something. Sucks.

I’m still a bit busy right now but something happened yesterday that I simply could not pass up. It was another day, another story about Dubai’s infamous customer service which I had experience in the past, many times.

I am a magnet for bad customer service, I tell you!

I went to McDonald’s (yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had a McD relapse – 10 months!). I know I shouldn’t but anyway I did. End of story, start of remorse, haha.

So this petite lady at the counter greeted me with the usual perky smile as if she is the happiest person on Earth (typical McDonald’s good customer service, check!).

McD lady: “Good evening, madam, may I take your order?”

Me: “Hmmm, I’d like a cheese burger, please.”

McD lady: “Sandwich only or would you like it with fries and a drink?”

I’m actually wrestling with inner demons here to stop myself and just go away. The demons won. Boo hoo.

Me: “…yes make that fries & drink”

Pristine will have the fries, the husband drinks coke and oh, even if they won’t, a friend of mine will be flying back to Dubai tonight and she will be hungry, maybe she will eat those…excuses, excuses, excuses galore.

McD lady: “Which drink, madam? Coke, Fanta, Sprite?”

Me: “Coke”

Then BAM! She gave me a second look – straight to my mid-section nonetheless and asked…



Without waiting for my reply, she turned her back and poured Coke Light and gave it to me like it was the drink for me, nothing else. And I don’t even drink Coke Light or any ‘diet’ soda as they are more evil with artificial, chemical sugars + they taste like cough syrup!


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  3. I regret saying yes to a waffle cone the other day – should have gone with a regular-sized cone.
    Anyways, that girl was rude.
    We have Diet Coke here in the US – not the one you pictured.



  4. I would have waited until she finished setting it up, then asked for a regular coke. How does she know the meal was for you? Might seem mean but it’s just not good to judge.



  5. Here where I live in the USA, fast food servers often assume that any woman – whatever her physique – must want a diet soda instead of a regular soda. My mom would go nuts over this because like you, she thinks the artificial sweeteners are worse than plain old sugar.



  6. Don’t worry Grace, it happens to the best of us. After a year and a half of going without Taco Bell, I relapsed myself o.O

    Like I said, it happens. Just as long as it’s a ‘treat’ every now and again rather an everyday occurrence, I don’t think it’s TOO bad.

    As for the customer service, I would have told that lady (in one way or another) that I wanted the REAL coke, not that chemically riddled crap!



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