Life’s little tortures

I’m not writing this to prove that recent happenings in my life has been nothing but horror stories. The c-section, pedicure infection and now, terrible toothache. But the strings of events had been nothing but unfortunate, horrible things. All of them involving physical pain.

Right when the c-section scar is on its way to recovery, my big toe healing, one of my wisdom teeth decided it would send me misery. As I curled up in the bed like a stray puppy dog, the husband nags:

“You should have taken it out before!”

“There’s something wrong with the way you’re brushing your teeth!”

“Why do these things always happen to you? See that I have not had any toothache ever!”


I went to the dentist and he said he can’t remove it since there is infection (huh), I have to be in antibiotics for at least 3 days blah blah blah…I don’t understand everything he said – toothaches definitely eats up some of your brain cells.

So 3 days it is of excruciating pain. Cursing and cussing and crying and asking why the pain medicines don’t seem to work. What more, it’s tough when you’re a mother – there is no stop or pause button in your life. You’re in pain? Whatever, pick up the baby, change the diaper, cook!

Still in pain? Pop pain killers, drive to work and well, work.

And as if I still have room in my life for torture, I had a paper cut while taking out the pain killer tablet from its case. Seriously, who gets bloody injured while taking out a tablet!?


The tooth have since been successfully extracted (that’s another horror story of its own) and I’m still enjoying the effects of anesthesia. It would be different later.

I am typing this with half the speed I used to. Why? The paper cut sits comfortable across my pointing finger and everytime I touch a key or click the mouse with it…never mind another horror story!

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