I’m never going to have pedicure again

A month ago, I went to a salon to get an ingrown toenail clipped. I never had an ingrown toenail before and I almost never do pedicures (the last time I did was a year ago when a salon offered free service) so I really hesitated going to a salon and spend time there instead of going straight home to the baby. The lady in the salon overdid the cuticle and ingrown toenail removal and I went home with the sides of my toenail bleeding. Days later I could not wear any shoes – my plan to get back to the gym at the start of April became just another April Fool’s day joke. I was limping, in pain and my big toe was inflamed badly.

I thought it would heal by itself until my husband told me this was bad. Some people die from really little wounds left untreated. Internet research tells me I could die too, from scary staph infection.

Death by pedicure, imagine that!! *shudder*

I went to the doctor and was in antibiotics for a week. It’s better now and I can walk properly although still can’t wear closed shoes. I still can’t wrap my head over how a silly thing I dislike could potentially endanger my life! I am a mother, I am not allowed to die!!

So that’s it, I am never going to do pedicures again. Never ever ever. You think my unpolished toe nails are unsexy? That’s your problem.

UPDATE: It wasn’t an ingrown toenail, just a chunk of cuticle that got thick because the last time I went for pedicure was like, more than a year ago!


  1. My right nail got so infected over and over that eventually it was removed. I know, more information than you wanted to know. But It is wonderful! No more pain!



  2. A mutual friend of my sister’s and I got her nails done for homecoming and ended up in the hospital for a week due to a staph infection-Poor girl had to have a bunch of extremely painful tests done and everything 😦

    Thankfully she is okay, but I’ve heard about this happening to too many people for my liking.



  3. sorry to hear of your poor toe – must be very painful. did you go back and explain this to the salon?

    However, i wouldn’t blame the therapist. A beauty therapist is trained to do things like prettify our finger/toe nails not to clip ingrown nails. And no matter what they say – they can’t really deal with things like this and should have refused to do it.

    I think you should have gone to the doctor who would have been able to advise you on what to do. My daughter had this and it didn’t even occur to me that i should take her to nail spa. it was a ‘medical’ problem not a beauty problem.

    As it turned out – she had to use antibiotic cream, apply betadene daily and in the first few weeks go for daily swab change. i don’t think a salon would have been able to treat this – and it wasn’t even a nasty messy ingrown toenail…just uncomfortable.

    Good luck – i hope your toe heals well. its one of those extremities that take longer than we imagine and can be so painful.




    1. Actually I was assuming it was an ingrown toenail. It was uncomfortable like something poking inside. It never occurred to me that this was a medical problem but now I know better!

      It would have been the most unfortunate thing if something worse happened as I don’t even like pedicures!



  4. When i last visited my dermatologist she said she sees many cases in Dubai of ladies with damaged feet and nails because of lack of hygiene in salons and poor training of staff.
    If anything similar would ever happen to me she highly recommended the Chiropody Center on Jumeirah Beach Road, which is specialised in such treatment.
    I haven’t tested them myself but would definitely give it a try if and when necessary.
    Good luck as i know how painful it can be. I’ve been there once and got my toe nail medically cut to avoid future ones.
    Take care

    PS: your son is adorable. Well done!!



  5. Hello,
    Don’t be put off find a pro.

    Professional nail techs are taught how to sanitise their clients feet and all their equipment before working on clients. Also not to work on infected or feet that my be a carrier of a virus such as warts (and other nasty things)

    Is it possible you already had an infected ingrown toe? (the Beauty therapist should never have touched it in that case)

    Not sure where you went but maybe they weren’t professionals, if they are you should report them or at least complain!

    Hope you will find beautiful feet once again.
    Nail tech



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