A Dubai holiday that could be free!

Talk about the law of attraction! A close friend of mine have been toying on the idea of spending her Easter holidays in Dubai for a while but worried about the costs. I was like, wouldn’t it be nice if you could come for free, somehow? She has been saving up for this trip and a few work overtimes here and there, she says she’s ready! I am excited. I haven’t seen her in a very long time and she is one of my best buddies in high school.

I helped her plan her vacation around from plane tickets to tours, to hotels – no need actually since she’ll be staying with me! I guess this is one of the perks when you have a friend on  your travel destination! I would be more than happy to accommodate her although we both might not be getting enough sleep and spend the late nights talking, talking and talking! We’ve got like, 20 years of catching up to do!

Anyway – back to traveling for free. My favorite radio station here has announced a really awesome contest where you could win a free trip to Dubai for a friend (or family)! All that’s needed to do is send an SMS and if you’re picked, they would fly your friend (or family member) from anywhere in the world to Dubai, spend 3 glorious days under the sun and staying at a posh hotel, all expenses paid! The contest runs for 4 weeks and they will be picking one winner everday.

You know me, I’d get sms’ing!!


  1. How to join the contest (for UAE residents only):

    Listen to the Catboy and Geordiebird breakfast show at Dubai 92. Basically, you just need to SMS the words: Destination + the country name (from where your friend/family is flying from) to 4009.

    Check out Dubai92.com for details 🙂



  2. How I wish I can join. My father always wanted to get out of the country once in his life. Unfortunately there’s not much time and we’ve got no money to fulfill his dream. This is a great idea, to join contests like this. Thanks for sharing!



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