Shouldn’t have been more specific

Since the baby arrived, I have been writing and talking about him here on the blog. I do have another child, Pristine, whom I have somehow stopped writing about for a while.

At 8, Pristine is very precocious and curious about everything, I mean everything and sometimes, out of the blue, she asks random questions from very basic to mind boggling.

“Mama, what is a push-up bra?”

(I honestly don’t know where that came from because I don’t own a push-up bra)

I was tempted to say it’s a bra to support breasts responding to the call of gravity but I thought at 8, she would never get the joke. So I simplified it a bit by saying, it’s a bra to support breasts that have gone heavier, softer and have lost its form and you know, over the years, not in its proper place anymore.

Of course she got what I meant and with a very worried expression on her face, said, “Oh no, mom! You’re going to need a push-up bra for a long, long time!”


  1. Thanks for the laugh, or thanks to Pristine. I love the way kids say things or look at things. When I suggested to my 9-year-old daughter that she take off her bikini top at the beach in Bali, she looked around at all the women going topless, thought for a minute and said: “No, I can’t. I’m too young to go topless.”



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