Not all babies love toys, I guess

At 4 months, we are already going half crazy on how to entertain the baby. The moment he wakes up, he doesn’t want to do anything with the bed at all. The little explorer don’t want to waste time to explore his world! He would want to be carried around and walked through the house. When he’s awake, it’s just him, him and him.

I was thinking of having something to keep him busy, just enough to let me change my shirt wet with drool, for example.

Enter the bouncer.

I heard so many good things about the baby bouncer chair from reviews all over the net and mom friends: it entertains the baby (some claim for at least 30 minutes!), the vibrating chair calms baby and make them sleep, the bounce-bounce movement is addictive, babies love it. Some naps in it!

But wait, something’s wrong. He doesn’t look too amused like the model baby in the bouncer manufacturer’s website!

I didn’t see any sign of being entertained, if at all, he raises his head all the time! He hated lying down even if the seat bounces! And that possible quickie nap I really hoped for? DID NOT HAPPEN.

He stared at the plastic monkey doing peek-a-boo along with music and must have thought – “that’s all? My mom can do a funnier monkey face!”

So the quest for baby entertainment continues…

Enter the Jumperoo.

It is called a place full of wonderful sights and sounds. And I heard babies can spend lots of time there – a great chance for mom to rest the tired shoulders and probably clean the house? As opposed to the bouncer, the baby will not be lying down but in standing position so I thought he will love this!

Then I heard one mom said her son actually slept after playing on the Jumperoo since baby spent energy bouncing, having fun and got tired AND SLEPT.

That my friends is like angels on high heavens singing in your ear if you’re a mom!

This is the part where I imagined myself sitting down and drinking tea. He surely looked amused! Ding, ding, ding! We got the perfect toy!

He looked up.

He looked down.

Then he played around in warp speed too fast to catch on mom’s phone camera.

The playing lasted like, 2 minutes then oh no, the inevitable happened. He got bored.

…and the rest of his reaction crushed my dream of sitting in the sofa for a little bit longer.

I am never going to buy any toys again.


  1. Oh no Grace! A bit funny though, he knows what he wants!
    But even at this age, don’t feel too bad about making him stay there for like 10 minutes. Babies can learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them and you know he’s fine. 😉



  2. Awwww! Baby B is just one tough cookies to crack, huh? He definitely looks like one that doesn’t want new-fangled toys to play with-He wants to explore his world like you said. Lol

    Too bad that doesn’t bod well for mommy and her time o.O



  3. Ha ha~ he did enjoy it at first but he easily get bored, He’s definitely cute. I guess next time you just buy a separate toys.




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