Watch out, baby on the move!

While the world was busy spinning around its orbit and the sun occupied with a massive solar storm, something big happened in our house: the baby flipped over.

If you’re an expert of translating baby’s facial expression to words, you would clearly know what he thinks about it. I mean, he really wanted to say, “whoa, what just happened? Suddenly, I am not seeing the boring ceiling anymore!”

He amazed me and himself(!) the first time he rolled from belly to tummy. A few roll overs and he is hooked.

Then after rolling over for days, Benjamin developed a new skill: commando crawling. The way he drags himself with his belly using his arms to forward will put Arnold Schwarzenegger to shame. And he is way cuter, so that’s definitely a plus (sorry Arnold!).

But he may be enjoying being a commando crawler but there’s a bit of a problem: he can’t roll back to his back,Β  yet. When he’s tired from this position and wants to rest, he would cry for help and gets really cross when we don’t flip him at once. You wouldn’t want to see how he looks like when he is cross!


  1. glad you were able to capture this milestone. i still remember when my baby also first discovered rolling over… πŸ™‚ to see the world in the eyes of our baby is a truly amazing. keep on blogging! πŸ™‚



  2. I love the eyes, it seems to be smiling.
    Well, kids today are lucky enough to have the gadgets around theme. You can record every minute of their move.




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