Where is your happy place?

I hope you don’t say, McDonalds.

The husband and I, we talk a lot inside the car on our way to work. It’s one of those very few times we have uninterrupted time for each other and he clearly values it by taking (almost) all the stage time and talking about everything that comes to his mind. Once, he noticed the two very cheerful radio DJ’s on the radio on our favorite breakfast show.

Husband: Those DJ’s have a really tough job.

Me: Why?

Husband: Because no matter what’s happening in their daily life at any given time, they have to be jolly, smiley and bouncy happy when they sit behind the radio mic. No matter what.

I can only imagine how hard it must be. The husband, working in sales/customer service field does the same – he has to make his work place his happy place. The place where he smiles, be (or at least pretend to be) happy. Since I am not a DJ nor into sales/customer service stuff, I don’t know how people handle it. Honestly, I don’t think I could ever do it.

When I am upset, I do not talk and I hog the computer all to myself at work. (Luckily, my work allows me zero human interaction)

And I thought about it, where is my happy place?

It didn’t take me time to realize where my happy place is because it can be everywhere as long as my children are there. It’s my go home to place, my retreat, my personal cave. This is the place where my smiles flow freely, my worries kicked out of the window and the place where nothing else matters.

My happy place is where I can be myself, throw my expat mom hat and just be a mom. It’s a tougher job but it’s the most rewarding. The place has plenty of love not enough to hold. It’s the place where I want to be, always.

Where is your happy place?


  1. My happy place is within my boyfriend’s arms. I can literally talk to him about anything and everything and he doesn’t judge; he just listens and comforts.

    Nothing is to big or too small-If it bothers me, he make sure he does the best to be there for me. Which is why I love him so much 🙂



  2. Wow, your husband is really that clever to think about DJ’s situation. Same for comedians, no matter what they are still suffering from they still need to smile. Very hard job which I can’t deal with cos I really can’t hide how I feel.
    Thanks for sharing.




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