Benjamin is four months

The cliche is true: time flies fast.

Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was born? Today, someone turned 4 months old…or young. My beautiful baby boy has given me four whole months of precious moments (despite the early days of colic but still).

Benjamin’s milestones:

  • Rolls from back to belly! (and then gets really cross when he wants to return back and no one helps him)
  • Baby talks – alot!
  • Sings! He started accompanying the songs I sing to him with ooh’s and ah’s and now, he really takes the cue. If I tell him, let’s sing, he does. If I stop, he stops.
  • Bites! Those nasty toothless bites and epic amounts of drool. He uses LOTS of bibs and burp cloths.
  • Sleeps through the night on some days
  • Wakes up for two hours in the middle of the night on some days – he would just randomly wake up energized, big wide eyes looking at me as if begging, “what are you doing sleeping mom? Let’s go out and play!”, even if it’s 2 am.
  • Still refusing to drink from the bottle
  • Still breastfeeding but drinking from a sippy cup! He must be the youngest sippy cup user!

As for me – four months on, I still have a resentment going on with regards to the emergency c-section. I know it was medically necessary to save my life and Benjamin’s (birth story here) but I still secretly wish it was all a nightmare and did not happen. However, my scar and that incision wound still throbs and pains at times, reminding me of the reality. I still can’t exercise much – I miss the happy hormones brought about by exercise. I miss lifting weights, running. I miss wearing my old clothes.

So much for my whine.

Benjamin is a happy baby boy at four months. I can’t wait for the coming days when he can sit, eat solids, crawl, walk or run. Our first is a girl and now we have a boy, something tells me we have exciting times ahead and different challenges to face!


  1. Your scar will feel better, I promise. After mine, I thought I would never walk upright again – now you can barely see it, though it does still feel a nit numb sometimes. Xox



    1. My mother in law had c-section 35 years ago and she can still feel a twitching pain especially when it’s cold. C-section sucks. But I am happy I am able to walk upright again, I thought I would look like an old age caveman all my life!



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