Finding work in Dubai, Part 1

A friend of mine is here in Dubai right now looking for a job. She is my best pal I haven’t seen in more than ten years. Now, we are enjoying time together (she’s staying at my house) and I really hope she’ll find a job so she can stay.

I’m helping her search for jobs online and what do you know? The job ads out there range from ridiculous to discriminating to hilarious and suspicious. Here are a few:

First, there’s that very common ‘ethnic exclusivity rule’. Job ads specify which nationalities they prefer – mostly related to salary. An Indian and a Filipino having the same qualifications and performing the same jobs can differ in salaries.

And as if the ‘Only Indian” thing isn’t enough, employers mention preference to people from particular Indian states. This ad wants an Indian from the state of Kerala. I don.t know the reason for this – maybe the manager is from Kerala and don’t want to hire someone where he needs to speak a language different from his native tongue?

Then there’s the ‘exclusion rule’. HR people post ads like ordering to buy only a certain breed of dogs.

Of course there are those suspicious ones. Lewd.

Except for the word “honest” and maybe, “smart” in the ad, one would assume the employer is looking for a prostitute.

Another one:

The ‘female receptionist’ must have been a typo. I swear they must have wanted a model.

And presenting the ad meant to ward off Ugly Betty’s…

I am almost tempted to reply to the ad saying: I can assure you I am the best looking lady among all the applicants but you can’t have me because I hate employers who can’t spell properly!

There you go. Finding a job in Dubai, the hilarious/weird/ridiculous version. Serious version -> Finding work in Dubai, Part 2.


  1. haha mas grabe diay jud diha sa…
    At least dire, ang ads na naay nationality usually kay kana rang magpa rent ug balay 😀 pero never jud ko kita ug ad na grabe ug adjectives gigamit haha



  2. I can’t beleive what they get away with! Here it’s against the law to even advertise job listings for men or women. Everything is neutral and non-descriminatory. Even after the interview they can’t ask your age, marital status, or anything like that.
    Sure they could weed out potential applicants through an interview if they wanted someone chinese (they could just specify “cantonese” or “mandarin” in the job requirements..).
    We do have selective hirering in the government, where you can self identify as a woman, a minority (black, asian, etc), aboriginal, or disabled. This is suppose to equal out government employees (all white men back in the day). But a lot of us don’t agree with this policy; they should just be hirering the best person for the job.



  3. The ads are just way over the top here. What could lead to an ugly courtroom drama relating to racism or “sexism” in the western world, is a totally acceptable norm here in the uae. Then again, it made me laugh. ?



  4. Those people placing those ads come to the United States for job and don’t get hired because of their look or race would be in court in 2 seconds flat suing for discrimanation. Such a sad shame!



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