Papa’s accident, one year on

Today is February 26, a date I can’t forget. A year ago, I found out that I was with child. If you’re someone who has gone through fertility issues, a miscarriage and know the frustration, longing and pain of wanting that precious baby, you will never forget the day you found out about that gift from heaven. Never.

However, my good news was immediately dimmed by one phone call from a frantic, unknown caller: “Your dad was hit by an SUV“. It felt like I was holding a fragile glass that shattered on the floor. I still recall how I felt that day, how I couldn’t breathe and my brain bombarded with a hundred and one questions. Most important and scariest of all: will I be losing my father?

I have not blogged or made public mentions about the accident on here or on Twitter, afraid it might jeopardize the case. One year on, it seems that the police have totally forgotten about it.

There were witnesses to the hit and run incident and someone took down the car plate number (it was in Arabic). I took my father to the police station and they had his statement written down on paper. We were waiting for the court call. My father’s 1 month tourist visa came to an end without any call from the police and he went home still traumatized by it all.

I followed up – was directed from one department to another, walked from building to building, feeling lost. When I finally reached the traffic prosecution at the police headquarters, I wasn’t allowed entry because my of my knee length dress (maternity!). Work hindered me from going again and after a few weeks, I got a call saying they want my father to testify in court. How can he? He is no longer here and it’s not easy for him to come here again given we have to apply for visa, make travel arrangements, etc. And honestly, he would have sworn off coming to Dubai because of the traumatic incident!

I said, if I can call be in court in his behalf, bring the witnesses with me – they said no.

I never heard from the police again. It’s like they stopped to care because the victim is not in Dubai anymore.

One year has passed. While we live and appreciate that papa has come out of it alive, recovered completely and do not have any permanent disability, I am disgusted by the fact that the killer driver is out on the loose ready to hit another pedestrian and run away again.

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  1. Years ago now, I was mugged in Miami, Florida. I was badly beaten in the man’s attempt to steal my purse. (He didn’t get it because I fell on it!) I tried to get the police to do something, but they wouldn’t because 1) I was alive and 2) they didn’t get my purse! But in my mind it took me many years to not be afraid of walking down a street.



    1. Just because the victim is alive and well shouldn’t be the reason not to pursue the case! The culprits can do it again and again. Sorry to hear about your experience!!



  2. Accident is really a drastic event in someone’s life. But God is sooo good, he still give another chance with you dad. Its like a miracle in your lives.




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