Got milk?

I disappear from my work desk every 2-3 hours or so, depending on the weight and cup size of my bra. If it goes up to E,  which FYI means Enormous, that’s the time I need to scuttle to my hiding place and pump it out to protect my (meager) supply.

Due to baby boy’s feeding demand and innate strong appetite, my milk supply is in jeopardy. I need to eat more. I need to drink at least 2 liters of water + other liquids to produce milk. I need rest, sleep as much as possible…as if that is possible with baby, one other kid, a husband, a home to tend to plus a full time work six days a week!


Truth is, I am still breastfeeding and holding on to it (plan to hold onto it) as long as I can. Baby Ben is healthy, gaining weight despite my fear that my breastmilk might not be enough – these things can be tricky since we can’t see how much is exactly going into the baby’s system.

Thankfully, everything is well and we do not have to resort to formula. I do not want to go that route and neither does the babyboo too.

Here’s a shot of the healthy, happy boy to show you everything is just alright.

Before I forget – had to share something: if you’re a breastfeeding mom wanting to increase milk supply, I found that Fenugreek supplement helped a lot! Research has shown that it can increase milk supply up to 900 percent! The oil contained in fenugreek seeds is believed to play a role in boosting milk supply.

You can buy Fenugreek supplement in capsules at health stores.

The downside is that you might smell like maple syrup and that your burp would taste somewhat like celery! Actually, I don’t consider the maple smell a ‘downside’ because instead of getting stinky when I sweat, I smell like pancakes!


  1. Sweetie, you do NOT need to drink 2 liters of water every day, and you definitely don’t need to forcefeed yourself – drink to thirst and eat reasonably (i.e. a varying diet and don’t forget to eat). Rest IS important. Since the hormones responsible for milk production accumulate while you’re sleeping do try to sleep as best you can (not easy with an infant of course, but again, you don’t need to be perfect, just don’t neglect your own body’s needs).

    Look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks – Ben is thriving and doing beautifully thanks to you. It’s very normal at this stage (3-4 months) that mothers feel worried about supply – it’s not that you don’t have enough, it’s that your body is now more in balance and you’re not making all the EXTRA that you made before. Ben is ordering up his food and you’re producing it. If he needs more (i.e. a growth spurt, or as he grows bigger) he’ll just nurse more for a day or two and your supply will increase accordingly. Nursing is a strong, robust system – it takes more than just missing a drink of water to mess it up ;).

    Give yourself a nice big attagirl that you’re giving Ben exactly what he needs and then just keep doing what you’re doing :).



  2. Well, I’m not sure how much water you need to drink, but I know you need a lot! And if you’re thirsty you aren’t getting enough! I know I’m always thirsty now and I’m drinking all the time!
    But I’m so glad to hear that everything else is going so well and the fenugreek helped! I hope I don’t have to supplement at all either!



  3. Looking at how big Ben is getting, you are doing a marvelous job at feeding that little munchkin. He looks truly healthy and happy.
    I’m very glad that your office gives you time to pump, there are places here in the US that give mother’s a really hard time about it. Keep up the good work and drink all the water you can, it is good for you in many more ways than just milk production.
    Love you.



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