Baby Ben talks to mom

Talk about pouring your heart out. My three month old son, telling me how  his day went without mom.

I absolutely hate my recorded voice but I love his so here goes:

Big sister Pristine recorded this hiding the phone used to take the video so he won’t be distracted (he tends to look at the camera if aimed directly at him). It’s needless to say what he wanted to tell me – he’s sad at the new transition in our routine, he missed the cuddles and hugs and naps with mom! Same here baby, same here.


    1. Pristine, my 8 year old daughter speaks English and Japanese fluently. She has picked up two Philippine dialects as well from me and the baby’s nanny.

      In school, she is learning French and Arabic (she writes and reads Arabic well but needs practice with speaking)…



  1. Baby Ben is so adorable. This is something that you should always treasure. What new words have baby Ben learnt recently?

    Thanks for sharing.




  2. I swear I heard him trying to say, “I love you.”
    He is so adorable and has the best smile.
    Pristine is such a great videography, the only problem is, we don’t get to see her beautiful face.
    BTW, I think you have a pretty voice, very soothing. No wonder Big Ben smiles at you.



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