Babies and their basic needs

Today marks the 7th day since I started working again after staying home for three months (to give birth to a baby, recover from c-section, try to stand on my feet again, wake up n times per night to change diapers, be vomited, drooled and farted on and pooped).

Except for the breastmilk issue, we’re managing. Though I can’t guarantee what/how my boobs would look like after all this pumping and expressing milk by hand (Holy cow. Pun intended!). As long as I can deliver milk to the nursling while I’m away, I could care less. Besides, that’s what push-up bras are for, no?

So after 5 straight days of work for me this week, Benjamin’s voice has suddenly sounded so creepy. He doesn’t sound like a baby at all but a boy hitting puberty!

Attention babies: that’s what you get from crying all the time.

It started when went home and caught him crying hysterically fighting the silicone nipple of the feeding bottle. It didn’t take me 5 seconds to run through the door to scoop him out of his nanny’s arms and gave him all the lovin’ (and eating) he desperately wanted.

Somewhere in his baby brain this a-ha moment registered: “When I cry hard and hard enough, mommy will appear out of nowhere and give me my favorite thing.”


Then on, he had been crying so hard for 30 minutes, sometimes to an hour. The boy just wouldn’t give it up! The husband started to tell me the baby is ‘unbelievable’, ‘is all this crying even normal!?’.That immediately lost all his right to get sexy with me. But really, it must be so hard for a non-mom to understand such a simple concept: babies are the happiest if their basic needs are met. Simple.

I try to explain it as simple as I can: “Imagine you’re being sent to another planet with huge people you don’t know and on top of that, you’re source of survival is suddenly taken out from you. Now if you wouldn’t cry out of fear, there’s certainly something wrong with you!”

He is normal as normal is that’s why he cries!

(I wish all the crying would lessen next week…will you all help me pray Benjamin would cope better? Thank you.)


  1. I think M just expected Baby Ben to just get tired and go to sleep about 30 minutes of crying.

    “Somewhere in his baby brain this a-ha moment registered: ?When I cry hard and hard enough, mommy will appear out of nowhere and give me my favorite thing.?” –> Yeah this is a big Uh-oh! If this becomes your routine, it maybe harder to break it when you have to …

    I hope you figure out SOON what you can do to ease all your struggles.



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