Yes, it gets cold in Dubai

How’s the weather from where you are? Here in Dubai, as far as the midday sun is concerned, ‘winter’ is already over. But on early mornings and evenings, it is still cool – or cold, depending on the years you have lived here.

~ Dubai winter sky in my side view mirror ~

So when I mentioned on Twitter that I was feeling really cold, our room temperature being at 20C (68F), I got some reactions:

“You’re kidding! Dubai is NEVER cold.”

“At 20C, I will sleep naked!”

“Maybe cool but not cold, that would be the perfect room temp!”

Ah, yeah, these all came from cold bloodied people from the north of Northern Hemisphere.

Truth is, it DOES get cold in Dubai, those days when we wear fleece jackets and don’t want to come out of our duvets in the morning. DUVETS. In the desert. What an abomination, right? But really, no one has the right definition of what is cold and hot. It all goes down to acclimatization and all in perspective. Saying it doesn’t get cold in Dubai is like saying it doesn’t get hot in Canada but I know Toronto can reach as far as 35C in the summer!

It does get cold in Dubai in the months of December to February. It’s the time we shy away from the glorious beaches because the water is cold. It’s the time we take out our ‘winter’ jackets despite the mocking looks of red neck tourists coming from snowy places!.

We tell our friends coming to bring warm clothes and light jackets and of course they don’t…then regret it later and spend their travel pocket money buying one here. True story!


  1. You are definitely right-It’s all in a person’s perspective and, depending on where they live and are used to, acclimation. To me, 68F would be a dream, but I wouldn’t be able to handle the intense heat you guys get in the summer O.o



    1. Believe me, everyone’s perception of the heat and the thought of “how do you guys survive there?” is overrated. It gets really hot, yes but we have air conditioning system all over the place. That said, I would rather spend summers here than in Japan or in the Philippines (two places I’ve lived before).



  2. I couldnt agree with you more! This is my first ever winter here in Dubai and i didnt think that Dubai can get this cold but it did, and as a result i think i catch cold on two occasions that i went out without my jacket on. But I must say winter in Dubai is superb weather for me, I’m loving it at the moment Not too warm and not too cold either, perfect!



  3. awesome!!!! what a nice scene!!! I want to go there. specially to PUM GUMEIRA. Can you post about beautiful places of Dubai??
    Good post……



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