The first days are always the hardest

Yesterday’s back to work thing was ok. No one jumped in to tell me, “hey, I thought you were away to give birth, how come you still look pregnant?” Hah. The joys of having an all male colleague in the office. There were no nasty comments to welcome me back, only a huge amount of paperwork.

But my work colleagues were kind and understanding enough seeing my anxiety that they told me I can go home early and they wouldn’t tell the boss…

As expected, Benjamin was hysterically crying for so long. He wouldn’t give it up, looking for the real thing. I am so thankful his caretaker never gave up on him and was able to manage a smile (of relief) when I went home during my lunch break! Baby Ben was like a lost puppy who finally found his mother when he saw me. I was totally like a mother dog who found the lost pup too. I couldn’t take him off me even if I needed to so I can eat my lunch. He gave me the most adorable smiles and coos after I fed him.

We took a lot of photosĀ  (he loves seeing himself in the phone camera) – all of which Benjamin looks scared. And clingy. But at least he was calm and I could tell, so happy.

I really really wish I didn’t have to go back to work in the afternoon.


  1. The life of a career mom….. Just for this reason, sometimes I wish we’d stayed in the old ways where moms were supposed to stay at home and took care of the children.

    Well, Kayla s right, at least you can spend your lunch with him… Cheers to us.. the supermoms!!!



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