3 month old baby sleeping four hours

Last night, the baby slept for FOUR hours straight. Four. That is not a typo!

It’s funny how I longed for a longer, better sleep during the first few days of having Benjamin at home that two hours was luxury and now that he’s actually sleeping longer, that I should celebrate and enjoy and catch up on my sleep, here I am wide awake and writing a blog.

Before, he would breastfeeding round the clock, like every 1-2 hours and if he isn’t it would be diaper time or burp time or generally some reason for me to wake up and tend to him.

Now he sleeps for more than four hours tucked in his bed sleeping soundly like an angel and here I am awake and worrying. Why is he sleeping this long?  Is this normal for a three month old? Isn’t he hungry? Will I wake him up to feed him?

Will it be like this from now on (if yes, then woo hoo!)? Am I taunting fate by asking these questions?

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