Do you speak baby?

I got this one from Facebook via my friend Abigail. I just LOVE this.

According to Priscilla Dunstan, babies talk to us in their preemptive cry by using five distinctive words indicating their primal ‘needs’ and their feelings: hunger, discomfort, sleepiness, lower gas and burp.

I can’t begin to write how amazing this is and all I can say is: Where was this video three months ago? When I was breaking my head trying to find out what my new baby was trying to tell me!

But I am still thankful to have seen this video now before my baby turns three months. Now, it doesn’t mean that your baby won’t cry anymore – it just helps moms understand their babies better and provide them what they want, lessening their hysterical cries and stress on the mother. AMAZING, amazing, amazing!

We’ve tested this on our baby and now we know better what he needs and it’s very accurate! We are happy and our baby is happier!

Priscilla Dunstan is heaven sent and may her gift of sound help more and more moms and baby carers! This could potentially save lives – and help reduce post partum depression!

Please help me spread the word to people you know who recently gave birth! This video should reach to all new moms!

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