I’ve got twins, 8 years apart

Would you believe that there are two different babies in the above photos? Two photos for each.

Our new baby is a spitting image of his older sister when she was a baby.

They look so much alike that I am already pretty pretty sure, they’ll fight over their baby pics someday in the future as to who is who, which is which – especially Pristine has no earrings so Benjamin could argue it’s his baby photo and Pristine couldn’t prove otherwise! (unless I am in the photo and look considerably young since I had Pristine when I was 27 and Benjamin when I was 35!)

Honestly, when I was pregnant with baby #2, I was kind of hoping the baby will look different – will look more like me, that somehow I’d win the DNA battle. Oh well, the result speak for itself!


  1. They do look so much like each other – ADORABLE.
    But I can tell that the bottom two are Pristine because the one on the left just has that inquisitive look of hers. =)
    How blessed you are to have such gorgeous children.



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