The madame who wants all

I can’t help but stop and stare at this maid wanted ad:

We are a young family living on Palm Jumeirah and would like to start interviewing for a nanny position for our 2 kids: Boy aged 5 and girl aged 3 years old. They have (are) happy kids and go to school full time so I need someone to get them ready in the morning and clean their clothes, tidy up after them and do light cooking for them and also for myself & my husband. I already have a full time maid who is very good and takes care of the cleaning so you would need to help her with laundry and do all the things for the kids.

TWO maids to do everything. Makes you think..then what’s left for this madame, this “mother” to do?

Later on, maybe she’ll post again to add: “I need a third maid to take care of the husband.”

Added: A screenshot below so you’ll know I am not making this up.


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