Strong typhoon hits Philippines

The photo sets at Facebook is so heartbreaking not to mention disturbing. Flash floods devastated a southern Philippines region unaccustomed to serious storms – Cagayan de Oro City in Northern Mindanao.

My beloved hometown.

In all my 19 years there, we never experienced strong typhoons, just rains as the area is not a typical typhoon path. The country’s capital Manila is. Just goes to show the effects of climate change, tropical storm Sendong (International code name: Washi) maintained its predicted course and landed in the northern part of Mindanao island, particularly in Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City leaving hundreds dead and more missing. These are areas usually spared from damage of about 22 typhoons that visit the archipelago every year.

[nggallery id=8]

Aerial view of the devastation:

The death toll as of this writing is more than 500 and it’s rising fast. Most of the dead are women and children and hundreds are still missing. It’s only a few days before Christmas and there are plenty of families who’ve lost their loved ones and their homes. These people appreciate all the prayers but moreover, they would be really happy to have some dry clothes to wear and most importantly, food to eat.

Can we, the more fortunate,  share a little of our blessing to those in need? All donations are accepted through The Philippine Red Cross.

As most of us are looking forward to celebrating festive Christmas let’s gather together to let the typhoon victims feel the real meaning of the season by giving and sharing a little of what we have.


If you’re reading this from the Philippines/Cagayan de Oro:

Xavier University Relief Center RELIEF OPERATION – Xavier University has set up a central command for relief support inside the campus at the satellite canteen next to the gymnasium. Donations–food, clothing, bedding, water, cash–are accepted.

You can drop donations at:

Cash & Cheque Donations

Xavier University
BPI CDO Divisoria Branch
BPI Account Number: 9331-0133-63

Please send in your donations, and keep them pouring.


    1. It’s only my father and one brother in our house right now and they are ok. We live in an area far from the river. The badly hit areas are mostly those near the river bank…so many children died it’s heartbreaking because in a few days, it will be CHRISTMAS!



  1. As I mentioned to you on FB, I am so thankful that your family is safe, but so sorry for your friends that were lost or who lost everything.
    My prayers are with all of the people of your hometown.
    God be with them all.



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