Pristine, the moon and the baby

There’s no curtain in one of our bedrooms where our 8 year old daughter Pristine sleeps. There used to be but after we took it down and washed it, no one really bothered to put it back up again. It’s actually good – Pristine wakes up naturally to morning light coming in (has no effect whatsoever though to the sleeping adults).

Anyway, the moon was so bright and shining before the lunar eclipse two days ago. Pristine came to the room where I’ve been temporarily sleeping with the baby.

Pristine: Mama, I can’t sleep. The moon is too bright!

Me: If papa were here we could ask him to put the curtains but he’s on night shift today and won’t be home until midnight.

Pristine: It’s so difficult to sleep! The moon is acting like the sun!

Me: Ok, you sleep in my room tonight.

And she picked up her pillow and blanket and tried to sleep in another bed. After a few minutes, baby Ben started crying. Pristine tossed and turned in her bed. Baby Ben cried off and on for the next 15 minutes so finally…

Pristine: (picking up her sleeping stuff) I’m going back to the bright room!

Me: But it’s bright there you won’t be able to sleep…

Pristine: Bright is ok mama…better than noisy because if it’s bright, I can close my eyes but with noisy, I can NOT close my ears!


  1. LOL! Pristine needs her sleep, too! And she’s so logical. Wait til baby Ben is big enough, he will have a ‘good time’ annoying big sister Pristine.

    Matthew acts the same thing when Mark is crying his head off OR doing his mischief, covers his ears, and acts out himself. Sigh!



  2. She is one smart little girl… oh, if we could only close our ears once in a while. =)
    What a beautiful photo of your little ones, Pristine is going to be such a marvelous big sister and a great help to you.



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