The need to dye

On my birthday, I did something I’ve been dying to do for ten months now: I colored my hair. How this is kind of a big deal?

I used to color my hair (covering the gray) every four weeks.

Ten months of  just letting it all go without coloring made me look and feel really old. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being old but I am ‘just’ 35. I should not be sporting a whole head of graying hair. Yet.

Really this is not out of vanity, it’s something I really needed to do because 50% of my hair is already white. My husband jokes that I look like Rogue in X-Men only that Rogue has streaks of white hair while I have the opposite, most of my hair is white and the black have been reduced to streaks. It is not a cute sight.

After getting pregnant early this year and reading a lot of contradicting articles that it’s ok to color hair while pregnant and then other articles say it is not because the chemicals could seep in my scalp and pass on to the unborn baby, I chose the ‘better safe than sorry’ decision and stopped coloring my hair. The white ones really showed, prompting people to question my age.

I fed baby Ben, put him to sleep and rushed to do my thing. I was done coloring and had showered just before he woke up. My hair is what it’ s supposed to look and I am happy. Now, I’m ready to welcome another year!


  1. I wish I hadn’t stopped dying my hair! I just couldn’t afford to have it done, and I can’t do it myself for 2 reasons: it hurts my neck and arms doing it and I can’t get the color right, ever.
    So happy you feel better… I know how it is to feel old at 45.



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