What’s the date now?

It will be my birthday in two days. It’s actually amazing that I remember it or know that today is Sunday, 20th of November. After staying home and taking care of a newborn round the clock, it’s very easy to get lost of the time, date and day of the week. I don’t even share the joy when someone says, “it’s the weekend!”, in my house anymore.

For a new mom, there is no difference between a weekday or a weekend. Or night and day.

“What will we do on your birthday?”, my mother asked.

I was kind of hoping, that in the middle of what is happening in our house right now that she’d forget but no, she is after all the mom who remembers that day she became a mom for the first time and she celebrates it, whether we are together or not.

Anyway, I still don’t know what I’ll do nor do I have any plans in my mind. I won’t mind eating ice cream in bed. In my yoga pants. While breastfeeding. In fact that is the only possible scenario floating in my mind right now.


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