What babies remind us

Late at night Benjamin got really fussy out of no reason at all (so far, he’s been fed, have clean diapers, etc), crying his lungs out.

It seemed there was no way to appease him at all. My c-section scar is not completely healed even after three weeks and carrying the baby causes the stitches at the end of the wound to stretch, makes me feel that stinging pain like alcohol being poured on a fresh cut. Still I need to soothe him, carry him, swing him around until he stops crying.  My mom took pity on me and took the baby. My husband has been looking at the scene at the corner and finally said something:

“It’s sad that little babies never remember these moments (when moms sacrifice so much at the early days of the baby’s life).

And how right he is. Babies grow up not knowing anything about mom’s countless sleepless nights, the sore nipples, the fatigue…But I figured, it is NOT the baby’s business to REMEMBER what happened.

Babies exist to REMIND us of our parent’s sacrifices. If you’re a parent going through the rough early days with a baby, take time to remember what your mom did for you. Hug her, give thanks.


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