Fine for falling asleep on Dubai trains!?

Have you slept on a train? I have and I am sure plenty of other people have too. Who doesn’t love taking cat naps or even hour long naps on long train journeys?

I think of Japan whenever I hear the words, “sleeping on train” because they take sleeping in a whole new different level, especially on late Friday nights.

~ not dead, just probably really drunk ~

And then there are people who look really tired.

If you have a habit of sleeping on the train, a word of caution: don’t do it at the Dubai Metro. News has broken that sleeping on the Dubai metro could cost you a Dhs 300 fine!

I really wish this is a huge joke!

What has come to their minds in imposing such ridiculous law? The news article is vague, as always:

The general rule, however, states that a Dh300 fine will be slapped for “sleeping in the waiting areas, shelters or any place where it is prohibited”. Asked why people get fined for sleeping on the train, an RTA official gave a slightly different definition: “It is the rule … [no] sleeping in the waiting areas, shelters or any place in a public transport environment. Fine will be Dh300”.

I hope when the new day unfolds tomorrow, this news article is edited to add, “Sorry for the misinterpretation. Use the Metro, sleeping is allowed.”

What do you think of fining people who sleep on trains? (Stupid, I know…)


  1. this is really really STUPID and embarassing their own country !!!
    n the whole world will have ANOTHER issue to add on their hate list abt Muslim country….
    why do they have to make such stupid rule ???
    i would sleep on a train/bus/car ride….who wouldn’t ???
    especially when you are a tired tourist going around places
    come on people…
    boycott Dubai…ha ha



  2. Boy would I be in trouble… I fall asleep all the time when I am riding in a car, bus, etc. The only time I don’t sleep is in a plane – too nervous I guess.
    I think they may come to their senses, I hope.



  3. *shakes head in utter disbelief*

    That’s seriously like taking a way a person’s civil right-I mean, what if you’re so tired, you can’t HELP but fall asleep? I just don’t understand what they’re thinking by passing this law. What’s the purpose?



  4. I read the article and there is one part that tranquilizes me. It says “As long as they don’t disturb other passengers when they sleep on the train, then it’s OK.”
    So, maybe there’s still hope, right?



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