Sleeping when the baby sleeps

At the end of every day as I see the sun set through my window, I think: Another day is done without a blog post, again.

The day in the life of a new mom.

Little Ben is a good sleeper (thank you, heaven!) and there’s actually time where I could sit in front of the PC and write something BUT I have chosen the: “sleep while the baby sleeps” route right now because my mother nags me to I really need it to recuperate completely, faster. It helps with milk production as well. If you have/had baby boys, you’ll know about those killer appetite. Baby boys feed more often and demand more, sometimes, more than I could deliver. He keeps me hungry at night and leave me thirsty even if I drink 2 liters of water everyday!

Nevertheless, everything is fine in my end. Baby Ben sometimes get fussy that I have no idea why. Maybe he is just being a normal baby. Thankfully, my mother is here with me to help me around the house. Oh where will I be without her. She is the reason I can sleep while the baby sleeps otherwise, we have all drowned in dirty dishes and pile of laundry.


  1. It’s important for you to get your rest and make sure that you are producing enought milk for little Ben. Don’t worry about your blog, we will be here whenever you get a chance to post because we lubs you! 🙂
    So glad that your mom is there to help you out, give her a hug for me.



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