The proud big sister

So everyone’s favorite question would be: how did Pristine take this being a big sister thing, finally?

I guess the photo says it all. She wants to grab the baby as much as she can and end up rather disappointed when I say no if the baby just fell asleep or if the baby has just been fed. I can’t blame the girl, she’s been waiting for this moment for the longest time!

Our newborn however, spends most of his time sleeping or feeding and Pristine has finally blurted out the “b”word. Boring. Sigh. Sorry girl but in the animal kingdom, human babies are the most helpless after birth, unlike zebras or elephants who can stand and play just a few hours after birth!

As for me, two weeks after the arrival of baby Benjamin, I am still intact, thank you very much. He is a good sleeper AS OF NOW, oh Dear God, please make it stay that way…


  1. Don’t worry little P – there will be pleanty of time for you and Baby Benjamin to do lots of things together. In about 8 years she won’t want him around at all, I’m sure. =)
    I adore that photo, she looks so happy and Benjamin is looking so adoringly up at her. They are going to be great friends.
    Blessings to you all.



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