What Kazuki means

We gave our new baby two names; one in English and one in Japanese. The English one (Benjamin) is for my sake – I really can’t relate to Japanese names when calling him and we have tried so many. Nothing sort of really fits. Pristine has a Japanese name too (Akari – meaning a beautiful light) – that I could relate, maybe because it’s a girl’s name? I don’t know.

Anyway, my husband has chosen the name “Kazuki” with two Japanese characters as above.

The first Japanese character “wa” is a single kanji meaning “harmony; peace; peaceful.” It can be read as “kazu” when used in names. In common usage wa means “harmony” as in being in harmony with one’s environment and it means “peaceful” as in being in a peaceful state of mind or feeling at peace.

In combination with other kanji wa can mean “Japan” or “Japanese style”

The second Japanese character “kagayaku” is a single kanji meaning “radiance; shine.” It can be read as “ki” when used in names.

So combining the two characters, my husband had these two meanings in his mind: “radiating peace” and in being born in the year where the devastation of Japan in March 11, 2011, it could also mean “Shine, Japan” – a sort of cheer for a brighter future for Japan.

As for me, I would just be happy calling him Baby Benjamin. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Baby Benjamin has a very meaningful Japanese name! “Kazuki” (Radiating Peace) does not have a meaning far different from “Akari” (Beautiful Light). I think, M did a good job giving both Pristine and Baby Benjamin a little bit similar, meaningful Japanese names. But “Shine, Japan” is even more meaningful! I love it!



  2. Thank you for the explanation… I think the name is absolutely beautiful in all it’s meanings.
    You brought tears to my eyes. I wish all those things for both Baby Benjamin and for Japan, too.
    Your husband is a very wise man, many blessings to you all.



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