We’re home, at last

I’m back.

Back home, that is, since last Friday November 4 after ten days at the hospital. One more day there and I swear I’m going to have to be transferred to the psychiatric ward. There was nothing for me there but the cold walls I face every time I cry and having to put up with very noisy people who think that the ward curtains are concrete cement. They talk like it’s no one’s business, they go along with their big voices in the middle of the night, regardless of who is there or what time it is.

In short, I am so glad to be back in my own home. I only intended to stay in the hospital for two days for normal delivery but I ended up staying for ten, after having emergency Caesarian Section and the baby ending in NICU for six days. Nothing major – they just wanted to make sure everything is ok with him with regards to the infection (from a fever that I suddenly got while in labor). He passed all tests with flying colors. What can I say? The babe is braver than his mother!

Needless to say, those were the most trying days of my life.

I was in so much pain, spirits broken and feeling very incapable. Emotionally, I was a wreck, I cry every time I think about the whole thing and end up asking over and over again why, why, why.

I still needed to be monitored for my postpartum fever – a sign of some sort of infection going on inside me which they can’t really point out after a lot of blood, urine and ultrasound scans. They wanted to keep me there for a few days more but no, I will just deteriorate there with the lack of sleep, proper bed and food (I lost all my appetite) and while breastfeeding, that surely isn’t good.

Well, at least we are back home now and I was right fighting with the doctor to let me go: I am better now. The baby is doing fine and God gracious, he has given me an angel who lets me sleep for three hours (or more) straight. I am not sleep deprived, as of now, at least and with that little thing, I am truly, truly thankful.


  1. Oh Grace, sending lots of hugs as you are now able to recuperate at home. I hardly slept in the hospital, and can not imagine being there that many days. Benjamin is perfect and so glad that both of you are now home with the rest of your family.



  2. I am glad you ARE home, with your family and precious little Benjamin.

    I am sorry about your long induce labor which ended up with the last thing you want, a probable infection and a c-section. I hope you find out what really caused your fever that led to your labor ordeal, to give you some answers. But then, maybe it’s BEST to just move forward and focus on your recovery and taking care of Baby Benjamin, rather than fuss yourself with what happened. I would really hate for you to go deep on postpartum depression this 2nd time around.

    Life is good. Enjoy this stage in Baby Benjamin’s life. It goes by so fast. And Big Sister Pristine and Daddy M, and Grandma too, must be having a blast having you and the baby finally home. Let them help you.



  3. So glad you are doing better and the baby is doing so well. You know that if prayers helped heal, you would be in perfect health right now.
    I am sure that Pristine is SO happy to have you both home and is doting on both of you so that is a big help. Along with the help of your husband and your mother.
    Things will get better and we are all here for moral support and friendship!



  4. I haven’t had a lot of time to read and comment on blogs lately, but I wanted to say congratulations on your baby!!! And also to express my sympathy for the trials you went through during his birth. God IS gracious and I am glad you’re now on the mend even though things did not go well for you at the hospital. Blessings to you and your newly expanded family. 🙂



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