Facing the unexpected


I am still in the hospital recovering from what would be the curious case of sorts. Actually, though I prefered, hoped and struggled for 45 hours of labor, I ended up having emergency c-section.

That itself was a nightmare for a scaredy cat like me but then the aftermath was much more shocking. I am still reeling from the reality of this all.

And I can’t recall everything without crying my heart out (details later)…

In a nutshell, I had sudden fever during labor, worry of infection set in, doctors induced my labor, broke my water but even after very active painful anss long labor, I was stuck at 4 cms. Baby showed signs of distress and I heard the doctor speak:

“I have to take you to the operating theatre.”

Then I broke down.


  1. Well you have a beautiful baby now! I had an emergent Csection for fetal distress also. It was all a blur. I’m just glad I had a healthy baby in the end. You’ll be fine.



  2. Anxiously waiting for your next post. I’m sure that your mother and Pristine, are taking good care of you and your new baby boy. Oh what a proud and excited husband you must have right now!

    Praying that all is well.



  3. I hope everything is okay with you and the baby. There are thing and events which is unexpected but it goes well with you. We have undergone that same event with my second child. The ultrasound was going smoothly one week before the expected date,then the twist of events, my baby was in coil cord so they need to have a C-sectrion. Now everything is fine with my wife and my little rascals.



  4. Oh, my poor friend, Grace… so sorry you had to go through this. I know that when you look at your son, although there are scary memories, the love you have for him will eventually make that all go away.
    Take care of yourself, my dear friend, be healthy and know my love and prayers are with you.



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