What’s wrong with my body?

It’s been 15 hours since regular labor contractions came – after I’ve been given medication to induce labor. Induction is meant to speed up labor so honestly? I am so not expecting to be writing this blog post in the hospital, in between pain rest times. I expected to be cuddling a sweet smelling baby and preparing to go home.

My body, obviously, has a mind of its own. And (labor) history is attempting to repeat itself! On my pregnancy with Pristine, it took me 40 hours to ‘open up’.

The doctor checked me out this morning and found out that despite 2 induction meds plus 2 membrane sweep I have only, merely dilated 3 cms maximum. A natural delivery needs at least 8 cms.

“The contraction pains (with interval of 4 mins apart that kept me waking up last night) are actually meaningless because your dilation is very minimal and cervix is still long. ”

The doctor didn’t sugarcoat anything. Tired and sleep deprived, it was just what I wanted to hear. NOT!!

Another induction med was inserted and it should help pave the way for the baby. The baby is doing very ok, just hanging out as if telling me, “ready when you are,

Now I’ll start concentrating that things move up the positive direction today. I don’t want to be still pregnant tomorow!!


  1. Hang in there. It will be time very soon …

    When I was induced at 38-weeks, I took 2 pills on a Friday, came back to the hospital the Monday morning that followed. I was time! I was dilated enough, admitted to the hospital and started the Pitocin IV drip. They broke my water by lunch. I had my baby (Matthew) in the evening.



  2. Hello Grace! I hope everything went just fine. How’s your baby? Maybe next time you can share to us his/her pictures. Congratulations!



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