The waiting game

Hello, sorry for the lack of posts despite just staying at home for already 4 days now since starting maternity leave. I am still struggling with the new routine of suddenly becoming a stay at home mom and trying to do everything all at once, thinking I don’t have that much free time before the baby comes.

It could be any day now. My advice to all pregnant women? Don’t play superwoman and wait till your 39th week to go on maternity leave and clean house. Your body is not your usual body, someone stole the old one and replaced it with something heavy and low energy. There would be a lot of sitting down and naps required whether you like it or not!

So, while I wait here for the pangs and pains of labor to come (I only got false labor pains so far), what are you all up to?

It’s the 24th of October, due date still a few days away but as I’ve said to my 7 year old everyday, only God and the baby knows the real date so we patiently wait. For the meantime, you can guess the birth date and win a prize if you’re right!

Please say a little prayer for me when that time comes, will you? Thanks!


  1. You have always been in my prayers Mrs. Grace, so why stop them now! πŸ˜‰

    I’m happy to hear that you have started your maternity leave, although, as you say in your post, I bet it’s a big adjustment! Hopefully you get everything (or most everything) you need done before the big day.



  2. I have to admit that, I am surprised you are still NOT in labor! Maybe I made the right guess – Nov, 1, 2011!

    May you have an easier labor. So excited for you … And take it easy, get all the rest and sleep that you can right now. When the baby comes, who knows if you’d still be able to sleep at all πŸ™‚



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